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Feast of St. James of Nisibis on the Saturday between December 12 and 18.

On that Saturday Armenian Apostolic Church is commemorating the sacred
feast dedicated to the memory of St. James of Nisibis.

It is known that St. James of Nisibis had the divine vision of climbing
the Mount Ararat, where he found the sacred relic of Noah's Ark and brought
it to the Armenian people.

He is one of the clergymen participating in the Nicene Council and one
of the most beloved Saints of the Armenian Church. He was the nephew of
St. Gregory the Illuminator and together with him had been brought up and
educated in Caesaria.

Gregory of Narek has dedicated a hymn to St. James of Nisibis. In the
Armenian bibliographical literature his name is famous by the book
entitled "The Wise", which has been translated from Assyrian in the 5th century.
On the day of the Feast the memories of Hermit Marougue and Bishop
Melitos are also commemorated. First of them, Hermit Marougue prophetically
guessed that St. James would soon ascend the throne of Nisibis, and Bishop
Melitos of Antioch ordained and anointed him.

In the Armenian Apostolic Church the Feast of St. James of Nisibis is
celebrated on the Saturday between December 12-18.

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